Your membership also includes membership benefits, including a free 30 minute relaxation massage, once a month – book on site at the gym. Bookings for the month are available from the start of the each month. We only have a certain allotment of massage availability in a month, please be sure to book in your spot promptly! Ask at the front counter about this! Please note: you are entitled to a maximum of 1 massage per month.


Massage Guidelines:

  1. First appointment – Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete massage paperwork.
  2. Missed appointments – If you are unable to make your appointment, ensure you notify us 24 hours prior. If you have not cancelled and then miss your appointment, you will forfeit your massage for the next two months.
  3. Hygiene – Make sure you have bathed earlier that day so your skin is fresh and clean.
  4. Post-exercise – If you have exercised prior, allow for at least a 30 minute cooldown period and shower before your appointment.
  5. If unwell – For health purposes, if you are unwell with a contagious infection/cold etc., we are unable to provide massage services. Notify us as soon as possible prior to your appointment!
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