Lifestream Super Alkalise Powder 150g

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“Product Description
Lifestream Barley & Wheat Grass is a combination of New Zealand’s finest organic foods. This superfood is rich in natural nutrients like chlorophyll, fibre, minerals, vitamins, and Superoxide dismutase. These nutrients help in detoxifying and maintaining the digestive system, and also has an alkalising action for the whole body. The harvested barley and wheat grass are of premium quality, making sure that nutrients are not damaged or compromised.

Certified Organic Wheat Grass Powder (50%), Certified Organic Barley Grass Powder (50%)
**This product is G.E. Free, Gluten Free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and contains no artificial additives.

Directions For Use
Adults: 1 rounded teaspoon daily with food or in a smoothie.
More can be taken as desired.”



Lifestream Super Alkalise Powder 150g


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