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    Holistic Hair Sensitive Shampoo & Conditioner Travel Set 50ml+50ml

    $18.20 $18.00

    Holistic Hair Sensitive Shampoo & Conditioner Travel Set is a convenient 50ml travel size Sensitive Shampoo & Conditioner. Formulated to cleanse & calm sensitive or irritated scalps. Lavender & Apple Cider Vinegar work to purify the follicle to restore the scalp’s normal pH balance. The lightweight conditioner with Evening Primrose, Chamomile & Palmarosa provides vitality and shine for healthy beautiful hair.

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    Kiwifruit Essential Care SPF15+ Facial Moisturiser

    $18.70 $12.00

    This replenishing moisturiser combines antioxidant rich kiwifruit seed oil with an SPF15+ to help protect your skin from the ageing effects of the environment.

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    Lifestream Super Alkalise Powder 150g

    $28.00 $24.99

    “Product Description
    Lifestream Barley & Wheat Grass is a combination of New Zealand’s finest organic foods. This superfood is rich in natural nutrients like chlorophyll, fibre, minerals, vitamins, and Superoxide dismutase. These nutrients help in detoxifying and maintaining the digestive system, and also has an alkalising action for the whole body. The harvested barley and wheat grass are of premium quality, making sure that nutrients are not damaged or compromised.

    Certified Organic Wheat Grass Powder (50%), Certified Organic Barley Grass Powder (50%)
    **This product is G.E. Free, Gluten Free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and contains no artificial additives.

    Directions For Use
    Adults: 1 rounded teaspoon daily with food or in a smoothie.
    More can be taken as desired.”

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    Metamucil Multi-Health Fibre Orange 673g

    $31.00 $28.99

    “Metamucil Smooth Orange is a bulk producing fiber and laxative supplement which assists in your bodys natural toxic removal process to make you feel lighter and more active.

    If you take Metamucil every day, it will naturally help the elimination of unwanted waste from your body to keep your digestive system clean. Metamucil contains Psyllium Husk which provides the bulk to the digested food which helps it move through the digestive system.

    Psyllium is a bulk-forming fibre. It works primarily through mechanical effect by absorbing water, bulking the colonic contents and decreasing transit time.

    Multi-Health Fibre with 100% Natural Psyllium
    – Feel lighter and more active
    – Helps body’s natural toxin removal process via cleansing effect
    – Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
    – Is a daily cleanser for your insides”

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    Nourish Dry Skin Lotion 750ml

    $38.95 $29.99

    For dry and sensitive skin.

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    Restoria-Discreet Cream 250ml

    $18.99 $17.99

    Gets rid of grey hair the same way you got it, gradually. Restoria Discreet works slowly over time to return natural looking colour to your hair. It gradually darkens grey or white to a light brown, dark brown or black if desired, allowing you control to the colour.

    Regular use of Restoria Discreet prevents grey roots reappearing. Works for all hair colours and gives natural results. Suitable for men and women.

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  • YPL Slim Legging


    Australian YPL slimming leggings keep you looking tight and sexy.

    Using the latest in infrared technology YPL slim leggings activate the decomposition of fat cells, and accelerate energy conversion and fat burning process of your body with freely breath.

    Can be worn as a shapewear, workout ensemble or pants, they smoothen out your tummy, thighs, and hips for a streamlined look – solving your “”muffin top”” problem. They are perfect with long tops, tunics, and dresses.

    When wanting to feel tight and stylish try wearing the YPL slim leggings for the ultimate effect.

    Other Benefits:

    Odour resistant
    Shrink and fade ressistant
    Quick dry
    Colour: Black

    Due to personal health and hygiene protection, this product cannot be returned and refunded if it has been used or opened.
    1. About size?
    Size: Free size is suitable for people who are 155cm-175cm tall and weigh less than 85Kg. XL size fits people taller than 175cm and weigh more than 85Kg.

    2. How to wash and care?
    Hand wash and machine wash can be recommended, hand wash, warm water can be at room temperature, do not dry clean, do not use bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron.

    3. How long does the microcapsule effect last?
    The weight loss effect of the microcapsules is continuous, and the fragrance gradually fades to disappear after about 20-30 times of washing.

    4.Is it suitable for summer wear?
    The use of high-breathable fabrics and special weaving at the buttocks, abdomen and joints ensure that the perspiration is quickly drained while the abdomen is being lifted. Suitable for walking, exercising, going to work or even sleeping. It’s no problem wearing it all the time.

    5. How to stereoscopic fat burning effect?
    There is a knitted dog pattern on the trouser leg on the right side of the trousers. It shows a blue-purple under non-moving conditions and white in the fat-burning state.

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